Burn Notice

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Category: "Television"
Year of Release:2013
Date Added:09/16/2020
Date Watched:09/14/2020
Description:The story of spy Michael Westen and his attempts to find out why he was black-listed by the agency while trying to survive in Miami. There were 111 episodes, plus The Fall of Sam Axe, a tongue-in-cheek movie about how Michael's best friend was booted out of the Navy.
My Rating:6

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Review - Burn Notice

Enjoyable enough for me to watch all the way through, but often ridiculous. The endless list of people who Micheal tracked down as his enemies, only to find there was yet another level of power above them got ridiculous early on and then kept piling on. The plots were often more a succession of plot-holes than plots—just happening to know the right person or have the right equipment when it could advance the plot, not having either when that happened to be the plot; bad guys who always did what Michael wanted even when it was against their own best interests, thousands of bullets, none of which hit the targeted good guys but many of which hit the targeted bad guys; countless explosions that attracted no attention from the police or passers-by.

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen was OK. Bruce Campbell as his best friend Sam Axe was great. Gabrielle Anwar as Michael's girlfriend Fiona was annoying, as was Sharon Gless as Michael's mother. Lauren Stamile played Michael's CIA contact for 14 episodes and was good—and of course written off the series.
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