Affectionately Yours

directed by Lloyd Bacon
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1941
Date Added:07/24/2021
Date Watched:07/24/2021
Description:Rickey Mayberry (Dennis Morgan) is a reporter who strings women along everywhere he goes. His latest conquest is Irene (Rita Hayworth). When Rickey finds out his wife Sue (Merle Oberon) is divorcing him, he flies home to win her back. Irene follows. Sue is about to marry Owen (Ralph Bellamy). Chaos ensues, with Rickey trying to win Sue back, Owen trying to stop him, Irene trying to mess things up, and Rickey's editor trying to get him back on the job. Rickey is never honest and keeps coming up with schemes to trick Sue. He manages to call her away from her wedding with a story about an accident, and when she finds out the blood is really strawberry jam, she laughs and gets back together with him.
My Rating:5

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Review - Affectionately Yours

Insane silliness with very little humor. Rita is lovely, but Oberon is sorta a clunker in the main role.
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