Bangville Police

directed by Henry Lehrman
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1913
Date Added:08/09/2021
Date Watched:08/09/2021
Description:Considered to be the first appearance of The Keystone Cops. The farmer's daughter is waiting for her cow to give birth. When she goes to the barn to check on it, she sees two suspicious men. She calls the police and hides in her house. The men leave, but the daughter doesn't know it, so she barricades herself inside. The farmer and his wife think she's a burglar and break in. All this is sorted out as the police arrive. They all go to the barn to discover the cow has a calf.
My Rating:3

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Review - Bangville Police

I know movies were new and techniques were raw, but this was just stupid. The cops spent most of the time jumping up and down and falling over for no reason. There wasn't a mildly amusing moment in the entire 8 minutes.
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