directed by James Mangold
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1995
Date Added:08/18/2021
Date Watched:08/17/2021
Description:Victor (Puritt Taylor Vince) is an overweight, 30-something man who lives with his widowed mother Dolly (Shelley Winters) and works as a cook in her pizza joint. He almost never speaks. His mother The only other employee is Delores (Debby Harry), a lonely single woman. Dolly hires Callie (Liv Tyler), a young, attractive, kind college girl. Victor begins dreaming of a relationship with Callie. Dolly gets sick and goes to the hospital. When she dies, Victor doesn't tell anyone because he doesn't want anything to change. But when everyone finds out, things fall apart. Callie goes back to college. Victor finds the courage to come out of his shell a bit. As the movie ends, he's talking with the stock girl at the local grocery.
My Rating:6

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Review - Heavy

Very sad, but with a hint of redemption at the end.
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