Bite the Bullet

directed by Richard Brooks
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1975
Date Added:09/27/2021
Date Watched:09/27/2021
Description:Story of a 700 mile horse race. Eight riders compete against a thoroughbred entered by a wealthy gambler. Mister (Ben Johnson) rides to gain fame but dies of a heart attack. Carbo (Jan-Michael Vincent) is a hot shot kid who rides his horse to death, then sees the error of his ways and helps the other riders. A Mexican (Mario Arteaga) is featured mainly for a sore tooth which is capped with a bullet, giving the movie it's lame name. the Mexican is shot by bad guys. Miss Jones (Candice Bergen) rides in hope of helping her boyfriend and his buddies escape from a chain gang. She manages to free them, they steal horses from other racers, but are all killed except Jones who waves and rides off unpunished. An Englishman (Ian Bannen) who has to shoot his horse when it breaks a leg. And two Roughriders, Sam Clayton (Gene Hackman) and Luke Matthews (James Coburn) who are good buddies and manage to win the race in a tie.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Bite the Bullet

Review - Bite the Bullet

I watched the movie because many scenes were shot along the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, which we'd ridden the day before. I recognized the scene where most of the filming took place—which was kinda funny because the race was supposed to be 700-miles long, but every night, the racers ended up along the same section of track. Most of the movie was taken up by random scenes of various racers riding through random scenes of Western scenery. There was no narrative to these sections and it wasn't always obvious which rider was shown, whether he was ahead or behind, or ... what? Brief moments of drama popped up from time to time. Miss Jones is almost raped. Clayton beats Carbo for killing his horse. The prisoner-escape scene (in which the bad guys rode about three miles and then milled around in confusion until the Roughriders caught up on a motorcycle. Clayton is obsesses about how others treat their animals, but at the end of the movie, he's all but driven his own horse to death. All in all, it was pretty pointless with no characters well-developed enough to care about.
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