Cash McCall

directed by Joseph Pevney
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1960
Date Added:11/14/2021
Date Watched:12/15/2021
Description:Cash McCall (James Garner) is a corporate wheeler and dealer. He sets his sights on Austen Plastic and offers to buy it—not because he's particularly interested, but because he's in love with Austen's daughter, Lory (Natalie Wood). After McCall gets the business, he finds out there's an opportunity to turn it into a very profitable concern. He asks Lory to marry him. Of course, there's a hitch. Austen finds out about McCall's plans for the company and figures he's been swindled. He threatens to sue, but Lory goes to bat for Cash and convinces her dad that Cash has been honest. Cash and Lory get married, and Austen is brought back into the business with a chance to make a big profit.
My Rating:8

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Review - Cash McCall

The corporation stuff isn't terribly exciting, although the actors who play the various parts are great. But Garner and Wood make the movie.
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