Ambush at Cimarron Pass

directed by Jodie Copelan
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1958
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:02/04/2015
Description: A troop of cavalry are transporting a criminal who tried to sell rifles to Indians. They are attacked by the Indians who are determined to get their rifles and only a few soldiers are left. They meet up with a group of cowboys who just had their herd stolen by the same Indians. The cowboys, who are from Texas and fought for the Confederacy, don't trust the soldiers. This is particularly true of Keith Williams (Clint Eastwood in a very early role). The Indians release a kidnapped Spanish woman to distract the bunch so they could steal their horses. The rest have to make it 100 miles on foot to the next fort. There are repeated encounters with the Indians, a cowardly judge who released the prisoner, only to be stabbed by him, the start of a love affair between the Spanish woman and the Sargeant and several deaths. On the last day, the survivors decide they can't carry the rifles one more foot, so they pile them and burn them. One of them remarks on what a waste is was to carry them 100 miles. Eastwood's character replies, "Not a waste. Sometimes you have to love before you win." And then we see a picture of the fort and the credits roll.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Ambush at Cimarron Pass

Review - Ambush at Cimarron Pass

My rating would be lower except that I enjoyed watching how the entire movie was shot on and around one rocky hill with the men hiking past in different directions and with different camera angles. Some individual rocks showed up several times. It was all silly and pointless and never would have survived if Clint Eastwood wasn't in it.
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