Every Which Way but Loose

directed by James Fargo
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1978
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:05/12/2015
Description:Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) is a truck driver and amateur street boxer. He pals around with his neighbor Orville (Geoffrey Lewis) and his pet orangutan, Clyde. He meets Lynn (Sondra Locke), a singer in a bar. She tells him a tale about needing money to open a club and he gives her his savings. She promptly disappears. He takes off after her with Orville and Clyde. Along the way, Orville picks up Echo (Beverly D'Angelo). They are followed by the Black Widow bike gang and a sheriff, all of whom are upset because Philo beat them up in bar fights. When they catch up with him, he beats them up again. He finds Lynn but discovers she's just a con-artist who makes a habit of ripping off gullible guys.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Every Which Way but Loose

Review - Every Which Way but Loose

Not all that funny and there is no plot. I always find Sondra Locke an annoyance. But somehow it doesn't end up being as bad as it ought to be.
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