directed by Clint Eastwood
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1982
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:05/19/2015
Description:The Russians have developed the Firefox, a new fighter plane that operates on the pilot's thoughts. The Americans need to steal it, and there's only one man who can do it — Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood), a Vietnam vet with post-traumatic stress syndrome. He's sent to Moscow as a businessman, but the KGB soon catches on and chases him all around. He makes it to the air base thanks to the sacrifice of several agents. He takes off, refuels from a sub after landing on an ice flow, then beats a Russian ace pilot flying the only other Firefox.
My Rating:5

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Review - Firefox

I remember this being a much more exciting movie than it is. The first half has Clint wandering around Russia with the KGB about six seconds behind him. The second half has close-ups of Clint in the cockpit, the occasional shot of a tiny plane flying fast, and a bunch of Russians standing around yelling at each other. It was actually a bit boring.
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