4th Friday at the Starline

For many years, Starline Manufacturing in Harvard, Illinois produced sleds, wagons and a variety of farm equipment. The factory is long gone, but the building, once derelict, has been turned into a showcase for artists, with galleries and exhibit space throughout.

Every 4th Friday evening (for much of the year), there is an “art event.” Local artists show their works in a small competition, musicians perform live and the galleries are open.

Our friends invited us along. We’re always up for adventure and we were tired of being trapped in our house by a week of miserably hot weather. Five dollars bought us admission, all we could eat pulled pork, mac salad and crab salad, and a chance to see the art and vote for the pieces we liked best. There weren’t a lot of pieces on display — maybe 30 paintings and 30 photos — but we took our time and placed our votes and then wandered through the galleries and hung out and people-watched.



As I strolled about I saw this sign and I walked up to the table and asked this woman how this worked and she said I give her my name and a topic and she writes an atrocious poem and so I thought about it and decided that just because I didn’t have the red chair that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a poem about the red chair and so I showed her this photo on my phone and twenty minutes later I had this poem and I said you have quite the talent there and I tipped her two bucks and she smiled.




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