Animal #56 — Desert Cottontail

sylvilagus audubonii

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 — 2:42 pm

Bent’s Fort National Historic Site, Colorado

As I toured the fort, I wandered out into this courtyard. Behind the wagon in the shed on the left there is a wood pile.

A small cottontail was sitting along the wall near the pile. It let me get close enough to take this photo, then it hopped into a gap behind the pile and disappeared.

I decided it was a Desert Cottontail because:

  1. Desert Cottontail is the only cottontail found in that part of Colorado.
  2. Desert Cottontail is the only cottontail listed on the Bent’s Old Fort mammal list.
  3. It has black whiskers.

I wanted to confirm my identification, so I asked the ranger if he knew what it was. He said, “If I catch it, I’ll call it dinner.”

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