Bird #148 — Lincoln’s Sparrow

melospiza (from melos, song, and spiza, finch) lincolnii (given in 1834 by John James Audubon for Thomas Lincoln, young man who accompanied Audubon on his Labrador trip of 1833)

Monday, May 12, 1980 — 1:00 pm

Conway, Arkansas — Happy Valley

I had been chased inside during the morning by thunderstorms, and I was restless to get back out.  Things settled down for a while at midday, and I wandered down the road to the creek, risking another encounter with the dragon lady (see Nashville Warbler).

The Lincoln’s Sparrow was foraging in the bushes and on the ground along the edge of the creek right where it crosses the road. I was still watching it when I was called in to lunch.  By the time I finished eating, the thunderstorm was in full force again.

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