Bird #212 — Little Blue Heron

egretta (diminutive of heron) caerulea (blue)

Friday, September 18, 1981 — 2:10 pm

Mayflower, Arkansas — Lake Conway

I birded Bell Slough Wildlife Area in Mayflower.  The area was crawling with hunters and fishermen, so I didn’t wander around much.  I stood on the dam and looked out over the lake for a few minutes.  While I was doing that, an Osprey flew over.

Near the Mayflower exit off Interstate 40, the road cuts across a corner of Lake Conway on a causeway.  To one side was a large bay full of standing tree stumps.  On the other side was a long, narrow bay covered with lily pads from shore to shore.  I pulled off to the side of the road and scanned the area.  I spotted the Little Blue Heron standing near the shore about 80 yards away.  It was standing still when I first saw it.  After about 30 seconds, it flew to another spot and stood still again.  It kept repeating this behavior, standing still for a while, then flying or wading to another spot and standing again.

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