The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Malcolm Little
List(s):"Carp 500"
Category: "U.S. History - Political"
Year of Publication:1965
Date Read:08/01/1995
Notes:The absorbing personal story of the man who rose from a life of poverty and disadvantage to become the most dynamic leader of the Black Revolution, only to have his life cut short by an assassin's bullets.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Review - Autobiography of Malcolm X, The

Interesting, challenging, disturbing. The first part of his life, as a criminal, was laughable. He was a total bum. If he saw any Black succeeding, he labeled him as a tool of the Whites. As a Black Muslim, he was scary, referring to all Whites as devils and preaching hatred. At the end of his life he was searching, and I came to admire his honesty. He rejected Christianity as a solution, but was willing to admit that Christian Blacks were accomplishing something. He was a very intelligent man with a great deal of magnetism. It is obvious that he was still searching for the solution to life when he died, although it probably would have been Muslim in content. It made me think about prejudice in society and in my own mind. (Conclusion: It is possible to be prejudiced and not want to be. Prejudice is sin, so it is rooted in the old nature — if Blacks and Whites could understand these two points, it would solve many problems.)
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