McHenry County

Things to do in McHenry County

  1. Tour the Illinois Railway Museum.
  2. Tour the McHenry County Historical Museum.
  3. Watch a tournament at the Norge Ski Jump. 1 2
  4. Walk Richardson’s Corn Maze.
  5. Tour the Volo Auto Museum.
  6. Go to a concert at the Woodstock Opera House. 1 2
  7. Go fishing at the Lake Julian Trout Farm.
  8. Ride the Prairie Trail bike path the length of the county.
  9. Choose and cut a Christmas tree at Pine-Apple Farm
  10. Pick apples at the Royal Oak Farm.
  11. Get your name engraved on the Century Hiker’s plaque at Prairieview Education Center (for hiking 1,000 miles in MCCD preserves).
  12. Attend Milk Days in Harvard and get your photo taken with Harmilda the Cow.
  13. Visit the McHenry County Fair in Woodstock. 1 2 3 4
  14. Eat Chinese food at Plum Garden in McHenry.
  15. Rent a boat and paddle around Lake Defiance at Moraine Hills State Park.*
  16. Buy and eat chocolate at Anderson’s Candy Shop in Richmond.
  17. See a performance of the Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team.
  18. See a movie at the McHenry Outdoor Theater and Drive-In.
  19. Eat a meal at the Dog n Suds in Richmond.
  20. See an old movie at the Raue Center for the Performing Arts in Crystal Lake.
  21. Hike the trails at Volo Bog State Natural Area.
  22. Attend the Groundhog Days ceremony in Woodstock.
  23. Tour the sites from the movie Groundhog Day in Woodstock.
  24. Visit Donley’s Wild West Town.
  25. Watch America’s Cardboard Cup Regatta in Crystal Lake
  26. Buy chocolate at Riverside Chocolate Factory in McHenry

1 Response to McHenry County

  1. Hi Roger,

    As an outdoor enthusiast and longtime McHenry County resident, I was very happy to have to have found your blog this evening. Further, as one of the Anderson’s from the Anderson’s Candy Shop you mention as No. 18 in your Things to do in McHenry County list, I was pleased to see that my family business made the cut.

    However … I was a bit dismayed when I read your May 31, 2009 entry about our candy.

    Basically, my family and I would like another chance to impress you. Our chocolates have been rated amongst the best in North America by the L.A. Times and Consumers Digest, and as a fourth-generation candymaker, I take a lot of pride in our work. Naturally, I was disappointed to read that back in 2009 you had what seemed to be a lackluster experience.

    Please give us another chance to show you we are worth a making a special trip … and not just because of our proximity to Dog n Suds ;)

    Please let us send you another sample of our candies, on us, or please stop by again next time you are in the area.

    Feel free to email or call me anytime.

    Sincerely, Katie Anderson

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