Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Oddly enough, a lot of people take issue with the fact that I like ham and cheese sandwiches. I don’t apologize. It’s not the only thing I eat. But nothing beats a good ham and cheese sandwich.

Croque Monsieur at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, Florida (1/15/13) 6 (A serviceable grilled ham and cheese sandwich, but not worth the $95 park admission to get)

Ham, egg and cheddar at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney, Florida (1/18/13) 8 (A very good breakfast sandwich)Ham 'n' Swiss at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney, Florida (1/18/13) 9 (I've had this here before. It's the bread that makes it an amazing meal.)Hincapie Hammie at Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux in Orlando, Florida (1/19/13) 7 (It had raspberry preserves on it, which seemed like a good idea at first but began to overwhelm the sandwich before long)Snapseed-20

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