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El Paso County Fair

If you were dropped into the middle of the El Paso County Fair without context, you would not guess that the county was home to a city of 600,000. The fair screams rural in every way. There were eight or … Continue reading

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This and That

This was a day when you could fry an egg on any surface. It was close to 100° in Denver and not much better anywhere east of the mountains. I decided to check off some things on my list that … Continue reading

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Cussler Museum

Clive Cussler used to write adventure novels about a guy named Dirk Pitt who searched for sunken ships, drove antique cars, attracted women, and solved mysteries. I used to read them, and even enjoy them. But after a while, the … Continue reading

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Grandma Scott’s Pie Shop

When I decided to visit the Cussler Museum in Arvada (next post) I looked on my list of restaurants I wanted to check out in Denver. This pie shop in Lakewood was (kinda) on the way. It was in an … Continue reading

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Fort Laramie National Historic Site

I arrived  at Fort Laramie around 1:30 on a warm, sunny afternoon. I stopped to see the old Army Bridge over the Platte River, built in 1875. At that time, the river was much wider and so the bridge is … Continue reading

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Adventures on a Sunday Afternoon

I drove back roads south into Wyoming and stopped in Sheridan. In preparation for a long stretch of driving, I bought a drink at the same Qdoba where I’d bought supper the night before. Once I cleared Buffalo, about 35 … Continue reading

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Sheridan, Wyoming

Although I’d planned what I wanted to do every day on my trip, I left things open enough to account for some spontaneity. The one nonnegotiable was Little Bighorn, which meant that I had to stay somewhere reasonably close on … Continue reading

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Chugwater Soda Fountain

I had several vacation days still to take and a new bunch coming at the beginning of July. I decided to use a couple of the to drive to Montana and visit Little Bighorn National Battlefield. I left home early … Continue reading

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