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February Recap

Not far from our house, on the route I walk home from work, there’s a random slide. It’s connected to, but not particularly near, a housing development. I stopped by one day to give it a try. I posted this … Continue reading

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Final Days

Sunday We got about seven inches of wet snow. People keep telling me the winters in Colorado are hard, but I’m not seeing it.  I went to Jewel to buy City of Cary blue garbage bags, and as I walked … Continue reading

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Warm Glow

While our wives were inside the candle outlet store buying huge baskets of stuff, Nate and I wandered about and made fun of stuff. When even that got old, we went outside, rescued Ande and the Red Chair from the … Continue reading

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Footprints on the Carpeting

I’m developing a theory. It goes like this — you can tell how interested someone is in buying your house by seeing how far they walk into the bedrooms. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We decided to put our … Continue reading

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