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This and That

This was a day when you could fry an egg on any surface. It was close to 100° in Denver and not much better anywhere east of the mountains. I decided to check off some things on my list that … Continue reading

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Cussler Museum

Clive Cussler used to write adventure novels about a guy named Dirk Pitt who searched for sunken ships, drove antique cars, attracted women, and solved mysteries. I used to read them, and even enjoy them. But after a while, the … Continue reading

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Georgetown Loop Railroad

Our department went to Georgetown for our annual “Hey, let’s celebrate all the work we’ve done” outing. I drove, with Megan, Cheryl, and Lisa in my car. We got to the station about 20 minutes before our trip. The ride … Continue reading

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The Longest Day of My Life

Lindy and Andrew dropped us off at the Stuttgart Airport about two hours before our flight home. It was sad to leave. We had a great time with them and they were excellent tour guides. But the knowledge that we’d … Continue reading

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Böblingen is just down the road from Andrew and Lindy’s apartment. They’ve gotten to know the town well in their three years in Germany. On Saturday night, Lindy took us to an Irish Pub to meet her friends, eat some … Continue reading

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Going to Germany

Ever since Andrew and Lindy moved to Germany in the summer of 2016, we’ve been planning a trip to visit them. But first I was out of a job, then we moved to Colorado where I started a new job. … Continue reading

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Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

The video below includes everything I found interesting at this museum. It’s one of those places run mostly by volunteers who are passionate about the subject. In other words, the displays varied greatly in quality, there were a lot of … Continue reading

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Navajo Bridge

I kept my eyes on the sky the entire time we were at Zion in case a California Condor flew over. If I’d seen one, we would probably have gone to Bryce Canyon National Park on Wednesday. But I didn’t, … Continue reading

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