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4th of July Butterflies

There were butterflies everywhere on my hike to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs. I was able to photograph five kinds that I’d never seen before. #49 — Variable Checkerspot (euphydryas chalcedona) #50 — Mormon Fritillary (speyeria mormonia) #51 — Taxiles Skipper … Continue reading

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Palmer Lake Reservoirs

I took an early-morning, five-mile, three-and-a-half hour hike on the Palmer Lake Reservoir Trail on July 4. Here’s some of what I saw.

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The Butterfly Pavilion

This small building in the Denver suburb of Westminster is a zoo of invertebrates.  There are three exhibit rooms inside with cases and tanks filled with octopuses, crabs, spiders, ants, bees, etc. A woman was sitting in the first room … Continue reading

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Be Very Careful

A large spider was crawling on the outside of the window near my office. I angled my shot so Pikes Peak was in the background and …

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