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Five Days in Chicagoland

We left home around 7:30 on Sunday morning and headed east. The weather was fine across Colorado, but shortly after we hit Nebraska, it got overcast and damp. It was obvious that we were following a snowstorm—the roads were wet … Continue reading

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Sheridan, Wyoming

Although I’d planned what I wanted to do every day on my trip, I left things open enough to account for some spontaneity. The one nonnegotiable was Little Bighorn, which meant that I had to stay somewhere reasonably close on … Continue reading

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Wandering Strasbourg

We ate brunch at a small crepes place on the cathedral plaza. It can be seen on the left in the photo below, just this side of the shop with the white canopy. Sally particularly liked the building in the … Continue reading

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Böblingen is just down the road from Andrew and Lindy’s apartment. They’ve gotten to know the town well in their three years in Germany. On Saturday night, Lindy took us to an Irish Pub to meet her friends, eat some … Continue reading

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Birkenkopf (Rubble Hill)

Lindy and Andrew were amazing tour guides. Our plane landed at 9:10. We connected with them about half an hour later. We made a quick stop at their apartment to drop off luggage, and by 11:15, we were out seeing … Continue reading

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Estes Park

We stayed at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for two nights over Thanksgiving. On Friday morning, we ate breakfast at The Egg and I. Sally had avocado toast for the first time, and liked it. I had a skillet, … Continue reading

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Everything There Is to Do in Pueblo

Saturday promised to be pleasant, so I decided to head to Pueblo and see what there was to see. My first stop was the El Pueblo History Museum. I expected a history of the city and the area. What I … Continue reading

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Fort Collins

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we went to Fort Collins because … We didn’t really have a reason. We headed downtown in search of a reason to be there. Here’s what we found. A tribute to Andy Warhol on the … Continue reading

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