Wandering Strasbourg

We ate brunch at a small crepes place on the cathedral plaza. It can be seen on the left in the photo below, just this side of the shop with the white canopy.

I ordered the Pro·ven·çal, with ham, cheese, egg, tomato sauce, and olives. It was good, but it didn’t rocket to the top of my favorite foods list.

The cathedral and main section of the city is located on the Grande Île formed by the Ill River. We walked a couple blocks to one of the channels and then along the water for maybe a third of a mile. Strasbourg is a beautiful city, and knows it.

The other church is St. Paul’s Church of Strasbourg. It was built in 1897 as a Reformed church to accommodate the Lutherans in the Imperial German army stationed in the city when the departments of Alsace and Lorraine were claimed by Germany. It’s still a Reformed church today.

Notice the “love locks” on the bridge. I took a close-up of a few of them, but when I looked more closely at my photo later, it turned out the central lock had been placed by a couple from Denver.

We ended up back by the cathedral where my family decided to buy gelato. The shop was packed, so I stayed outside and people-watched. It was a great place for it.

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