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Guernsey State Park

I spent three and a half hours on Monday morning birding in Guernsey State Park. I picked it primarily because it was there. I got out of my car several times, but I never wandered far from it. The park … Continue reading

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Hohenzollern Castle

One of Lindy’s favorite places to visit in Germany has been Hohenzollern Castle, about 45 minutes due south of her and Andrew’s apartment. And of course, on a tour of Europe, you have to visit a castle so she he … Continue reading

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Down from the Mountaintop

The Piz Gloria has the 007 logo painted all over the outside. The inside is decorated in James Bond. There’s a small museum called Bond World 007 that consists of photos, tidbits of information about On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, … Continue reading

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Piz Gloria

When we arrived in Mürren, we didn’t have a plan apart from eating fondue. But while we were wandering the streets on Friday afternoon, we happened upon the station where we could take a cable car to the top of … Continue reading

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Lindy booked us a night at the Edelweiss Hotel in Mürren, Switzerland, 5,374 feet up in the Alps. To get there, we had to catch a cable car in Lauterbrunnen. We bought our tickets and walked up the stairs to … Continue reading

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To Switzerland We Go

We wasted no time before setting off on our next adventure. After a Lindy made us breakfast of bacon, eggs, and (amazing) fresh fruit, we headed out. Leia knew were leaving and wasn’t happy about it. (Lindy had a friend … Continue reading

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Afternoon in Germany — Day One

The next stop on our tour was Patch Barracks, another former German Army Panzer base now used by the U.S. Army. We bought groceries, including an Easter ham, at the commissary. (Photo and video moments from this afternoon can bee … Continue reading

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Good Day

On a beautiful spring day after a night of snow, I went forth in search of adventure. I started at Fountain Creek, then headed east into the plains before heading south to Cañon City where I walked Tunnel Drive Trail … Continue reading

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