Sheridan, Wyoming

Although I’d planned what I wanted to do every day on my trip, I left things open enough to account for some spontaneity. The one nonnegotiable was Little Bighorn, which meant that I had to stay somewhere reasonably close on Saturday night. That meant Sheridan. To make sure I had a room, I went online and reserved one. The franchise hotels were expensive, so I opted for the Mill Inn. It’s an old flour mill, built in 1919 and converted to a hotel sometime after 1974 when the mill shut down.

I guess I ordered a suite, because that’s what I got. But the price was still much less than I would have paid elsewhere. I had two rooms, connected by a wide opening. Each of them had their own queen-size bed and bathroom. My room was in the lower section between the mill tower and the office tower. My windows looked out on the mill tower.

My room wasn’t fancy, and the mattress and pillows were made of cement, but it was clean and convenient. I checked in and then went for a walk with my binoculars. About half a mile from the hotel, a path winds along the banks of Little Goose Creek. The water was high and moving fast. I didn’t see many birds, but it was a pleasant evening and anything was better than sitting in a hotel room. I did spot a Great Blue Heron rookery.

And some “wild” Turkeys. One was foraging in the front yard of a home.

I also saw a pair of pheasants and a handful of more common birds. My walk lasted perhaps an hour and a half. On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at Qdoba for carry-out. I ate in my room while watching the last half of Sweet Home Alabama.

In the morning, I ate a waffle at the hotel, bought a egg mcmuffin and pop at the McDonald’s across the street, bought gas and headed for Montana. Early on Sunday morning, Interstate 90 was empty. At times there was no other traffic that I could see in either direction.

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