Asterix and the Big Fight

by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1966
Date Read:01/25/2002
Notes:During the Roman occupation, many of the Gauls take on Roman habits. Except our villagers of course! The centurion of the Roman camp Babaorum tries to change this by arranging a champions fight between the Roman oriented Gaul Aplusbégalix and Chief Vitalstatistix. An old Gaulish rule determines that the winner will be the new leader. The Romans have only one problem, how to get rid of Getafix, the druid who can make the magic potion. The Romans try to capture Getafix and by accident Obelix — who comes to rescue — throws a menhir on Getafix. Now Chief Vitalstatistix does have a major problem, how can he win without the potion? — asterixandco
My Rating: 7

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