Asterix and the Great Divide

by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1980
Date Read:11/11/2002
Notes:Romeo and Juliet as Gauls. A Gaulish village is divided in two parts by a gap. In one part its Tournedix who's the chief; in the other part its Ségrégationnix. Both want to be the chief of the whole village. Ségrégationnix's sinister vassal Acidenitrix advises him to let the Romans help. If his plans work he will get the opportunity to marry Fanzine, Ségrégationnix beautiful daughter. Fanzine who has heard her father's plans, tells everything to Comix, the son of Tournedix. After a passionate kiss from Fanzine a completely browbeaten Comix leaves the village after telling his father Ségrégationnix's plans. He's going for help to the village we all know in the hope somebody can help him. After hearing the whole story, Getafix, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix go with him for help. — asterixandco
My Rating: 6

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