Barchester Towers

by Anthony Trollope
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Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1857
Date Read:09/29/1994
Notes:Set in Barchester, a cathedral town in the west of England, the novel opens with the political appointment of Dr. Proudie as the new bishop. This event sets up the main conflict of the novel — the traditional (represented by the High Church forces, led by Archdeacon Grantly) versus the new (represented by the Low Church newcomers, led by Mrs. Proudie and, initially, her protégé, the ambitious Mr. Obadiah Slope). Both forces contend for the newly vacant post of warden of Hiram’s Hospital. A major subplot concerns Slope’s attempts to marry into money.

COMMENTS — Barchester Towers is the second in a series of six Barsetshire Novels and is considered the funniest. Trollope wrote dozens of novels, mainly by writing each day before breakfast. He wrote at a fixed rate of 1,000 words per hour.
My Rating: 7

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Review - Barchester Towers

Harmless. I won't read any more Trollope unless I happen to find myself in a deeply superficial mood sometime and want to suspend all thought.
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