Barrow's Boys

by Fergus Fleming
Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:1998
Date Read:09/08/2000
Notes:Subtitle: A Stirring Story of Daring Fortitude and Outright Lunacy.

Barrow's Boys served under John Barrow, Second Secretary to the Admiralty, who, after the Napoleonic wars, launched the most ambitious program of exploration the world has ever seen. For the next thirty years, his handpicked teams of elite naval officers scoured the globe on a mission to fill the blanks that littered the atlases of the day. From the first disastrous trip down the Congo, in search of the Niger River, Barrow maintained his resolve in the face of continuous catastrophes. His explorers often died of sickness or at the hands of unfriendly natives, and they struggled under minuscule budgets that forced them to resort to pulling enormous ships across floating ice fields; to eating mice, raw meat, or their own shoes; and even to horrifying acts of cannibalism. While many of the journeys failed entirely, Barrow and his men ultimately opened Africa to the world, discovered Antarctica, and pried apart the mandibles of the Arctic. — Barnes & Noble
My Rating: 8

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History of a series of British expeditions in the early 1800s to map the unknown places in the world.
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