The Truelove

by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1992
Date Read:10/22/1999
Notes:Fifteenth in the Aubrey-Maturin series. A British whaler has been captured by an ambitious chief in the Sandwich Islands at French instigation, and Captain Aubrey is dispatched with the Surprise to restore order. But stowed away in the cable-tier is an escaped female convict. To the officers, Clarissa Harvill is an object of awkward courtliness and dangerous jealousies. Only Aubrey's friend, Dr. Stephen Maturin, can fathom Clarissa's secrets: her crime, her personality, and a clue identifying a highly places French spy in London.
My Rating: 10

Reviews for The Truelove

Review - Truelove, The

Most of this book takes place during a long voyage of the Surprise from Australia to the Sandwich Islands. Clarissa Harwell, a convict with a dubious past, is discovered hiding on the ship. She was brought aboard by Oakes, a midshipman. Soon, most of the officers are in love with her, which causes a great deal of jealousy and inefficiency in the ship. Stephen befriends her and discovers that she had knowledge of high-placed officials in England that can be useful to British intelligence.

In the Sandwich Islands, Jack helps a chieftess defeat a neighboring tribe that was attacking her with the help of a French privateer. He also recaptures the Truelove, a British whaler that had been captured. Oakes, who has married Clarissa, is sent off in the prize, and Jack takes off after the privateer.
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