Blue at the Mizzen

by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1999
Date Read:10/27/2000
Notes:Twentieth (and last) in the Aubrey-Maturin series. Napoleon has been defeated at Waterloo, and the ensuing peace brings with it both the desertion of nearly half of Captain Aubrey's crew and the sudden dimming of Aubrey's career prospects in a peacetime navy. Jack takes Surprise to Chili, hired to help form a navy for that nation seeking its independence. They stop in Africa on the way so Stephen can propose marriage to Christine Wood. She says no at first, then agrees to think about it. Their stay in Chili has mixed results — Jack defeats the Peruvians intent on invading but the warring factions seeking to rule Chili refuse him pay. At the very end of the book, he receives word that he's been made admiral at last.
My Rating: 8

Reviews for Blue at the Mizzen

Review - Blue at the Mizzen

The weakest book in the series. I suspect O'Brian's health was already failing.

That was my opinion the first time I read through the series. The second time around, I thought a bit more highly of it. The part about Stephen proposing to Christine Wood in Africa was interesting. The part about Jack fighting for the independence of Chili, less so, but it wasn't bad — just a letdown after the excitement of the war and all. I did almost cheer a loud when Jack was made admiral at the end of the book.
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