Ball Four

by Jim Bouton
Category: "Sports"
Year of Publication:1970
Date Added:08/04/2006
Notes:The controversial first of the "tell all" sports memoirs.

As a player, former hurler Jim Bouton did nothing half-way; he threw so hard he'd lose his cap on almost every pitch. In the early '70s, he tossed off one of the funniest, most revealing, insider's takes on baseball life — Ball Four, his diary of the season he tried to pitch his way back from oblivion on the strength of a knuckler. The real curve, though, is Bouton's honesty. He carves humans out of heroes, and shines a light into the game's corners.
My Rating: 6

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Review - Ball Four

In this "crude for the time" memoir, the Seattle Pilot and Houston Astros pitcher reveals that he and many other baseball players are spoiled and immature.
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