A Day No Pigs Would Die

by Robert Newton Peck
Category: "Fiction - Chapter Books"
Year of Publication:1972
Date Added:10/06/2006
Date Read:08/29/2007
Notes:"As eldest son, it was my place to say words about my father. I didn't know what I was going to say. It wouldn't be much. What I thought about Papa couldn't of been said. Being his son was like knowing a king." -from "A Day No Pigs Would Die"

Story of a boy passing from boyhood to manhood in rural Vermont, his strong bond with his father, and their Shaker faith.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for A Day No Pigs Would Die

Review - A Day No Pigs Would Die

I would have enjoyed this book if I'd read it when I was 13. But when I read it now, I found it too predictable. The humor was forced, the hardships in the life of a poor farmer just a bit too contrived and the ending way too maudlin.

None of that is to say it isn't a good book. I just read it at the wrong time in my life.
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