A Thread Across the Ocean

by John Steele Gordon
Category: "World History - Cultural"
Year of Publication:2002
Date Added:11/13/2006
Date Read:11/13/2006
Notes:Subtitle: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable

The Civil War had barely ended when the Old and New Worlds were united by the successful laying of a telegraph cable that spanned the Atlantic in 1866. It was an epic struggle, requiring a decade of effort, numerous failed attempts, millions of dollars in capital, a near disaster at sea, the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable technological problems, and uncommon physical, financial and intellectual courage. In the end, it literally changed the world.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for A Thread Across the Ocean

Review - A Thread Across the Ocean

Surrounded by technology as we are, it's hard to realize what it was like in the old days — when travel was a major undertaking and many people lived their entire lives close to home; when winter nights were long and dark without electricity; when a letter to someone in another country could take months to arrive, if it ever did.

This book does a good job of explaining one of the first steps in the modernization of the world, with other interesting tidbits of information thrown in here and there. The book was well-written and educational.
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