A Shilling for Candles

by Josephine Tey
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1952
Date Added:10/23/2007
Date Read:10/23/2007
Notes:When movie star Christine Clay is found dead, presumed drowned, it's considered a tragedy. But when a coat button is discovered twisted up in her hair, it's time for Inspector Grant of Scotland Yard. His suspects are several — the young man who tried to steal her car, her husband who lied about his whereabouts, her song-writer who showed up just after the body was found and her brother who figures so strangely in her will. Grant sets about to solve the case with some help from a British Nancy Drew.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for A Shilling for Candles

Review - A Shilling for Candles

Like all of Tey's books, this one is well-written. She doesn't fall into the formula trap that many mystery writers do, and although this may not be her best, it was a quick, fun read.
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