Sharpe's Skirmish

by Bernard Cornwell
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1999
Date Added:04/16/2008
Date Read:09/21/2004
Notes:Sharpe's regiment is guarding an obscure river crossing on the flank of Wellington's army. There is no reason to expect the French to show up, but Sharpe is suspicious. He puts out patrols, but the French send a cavalry force by a surprise route and take over the old decaying fortress that overlooks the bridge. Sharpe climbs in through a crack and sets the fort on fire. When the French attempt to put out the fire, Sharpe attacks and drives them back across the river. By the time the main French force arrives, Sharpe has managed to send for reinforcement.

It is a short story written originally for a bookseller to give away when people buy Cornwell's books. It has been reprinted in book form.
My Rating: 7

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