All-American Ads of the 60s

by Jim Heimann (ed.)
Category: "Art/Photography"
Year of Publication:2002
Date Added:05/05/2008
Date Read:01/29/2005
My Rating: 7

Reviews for All-American Ads of the 60s

Review - All American Ads of the 60s

Very little commentary. This book was page after page of advertising from the 1960s for every product imaginable — cars, industry, tobacco, movies, food, travel, clothing and beauty supplies, furniture, carpeting, etc. Some of them triggered vague memories. Others reminded me of products I can recall, even though I forget the ads. The clothing and home-furnishings were especially interesting, the clothing because it was just weird, the home-furnishings because they were supposed to be so futuristic and modern but were just ugly and uncomfortable. Still it struck me that life in the 1960s wasn’t much different from life now except for computers.
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