The Age of Shakespeare

by Frank Kermode
Category: "Literature/Essays"
Year of Publication:2003
Date Added:06/24/2008
Date Read:02/26/2005
My Rating: 5

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Review - Age of Shakespeare, The

An analysis of Shakespeare’s work in light of the times in which he lived — the economic, political and religious culture. It was near the end of Elizabeth’s reign, when she was starting to lose her grip. There was insecurity about the Stuart ascension to the throne. Meanwhile, the state religion had gone from Catholic to Protestant to Catholic to Protestant within the lifetimes of many people.

Kermode discusses the various theaters Shakespeare’s plays were set in and the audiences they were performed for — more general at the Globe, higher class at Blackfriars.

It was beyond my understanding some of the time, particularly since I’m not that familiar with many of the plays, but I got enough out of it to make it worth reading.
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