by John D. MacDonald
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1958
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Read:08/16/2015
Notes:Craig's wife Maura is spending the summer in England with their two daughters. Craig works as production manager in a plant. He meets Clemmie, a young, rich, spoiled woman outside a bar and begins an affair. Her wildness draws him, even as their relationship causes him to drink too much and go downhill at work. Clemmie demands that he marry her. As a reward, her father offers him a job at four times his salary. But he realizes that he's just a convenience to her and that she has not plan to change her wildness or stay away from other men. At the last moment, he backs out. Maura is returning, and he has no idea how she will respond but he is determined to do the right thing.
My Rating: 4

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Review - Clemmie

I hated the characters, so I hated the book. Clemmie is so obviously poison that her character repulsed me, and I had no respect for any man who would fall for that. There was a hint of redemption at the end, but only on the basis of having learned a lesson the hard way, not that every choice he made along the way was the wrong one.
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