A Passage to India

by E.M. Forster
List(s):"Racine Library List"
Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1924
Date Read:09/02/1993
Notes:Written while England was still in control of India, Forster's novel follows the fortunes of three English newcomers to India — Miss Adela Quested, Mrs. Moore and Cyril Fielding — and the Indian, Dr. Aziz. Despite their countrymen's disapproval, the three Brits are all eager to meet Indians, and in Dr. Aziz they find a perfect companion: educated, westernized and open-minded. Slowly, the friendships ripen, especially between Aziz and Fielding. During a visit to the famed Marabar caves, Miss Quested accuses Dr. Aziz of sexually assaulting her, then later recants during the frenzied trial that follows.
My Rating: 4

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