A Room With a View

by E.M. Forster
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Category: "Fiction - Romance"
Year of Publication:1908
Date Read:12/04/1996
Notes:While on vacation in Italy, affluent young Lucy Honeychurch becomes attracted to passionate, vital George Emerson. Once they are back in England, however, Lucy becomes engaged to the dilettante Cecil Vyse, an emblem of bloodless English society. When the Emersons move to town, Lucy realizes that she does not love Cecil.

COMMENTS — Forster wrote the book as criticism of the restrictive conventions of British society.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for A Room With a View

Review - A Room With a View

Not actually all that good, but so much better than A Passage to India that I was agreeably surprised. It was another of those silly class-struggle stories in which the lovers actually get together happily. An awful lot of it was awfully dull.
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