Rumours of War

by Allan Mallinson
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:2004
Date Added:08/28/2008
Date Read:11/29/2014
Notes:It's 1826. In Portugal, rival camps are contending for the throne. Matthew Hervey is one of a select group of officers sent to assess the situation to see if England should send an army to help its ally. While traveling the country with his beautiful interpreter Isabella and Portuguese general Dom Mateo, he reminisces about his first visit during the Napoleon Wars. His first battle experience came during the English army's long, risky winter retreat under the command of Sir John Moore in 1808.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for Rumours of War

Review - Rumours of War

When Mallinson began this series, his first book was set at Waterloo, which meant that he missed the opportunity to set dozens of stories during the preceding war — unless he plans on using the flashback device he used here. The 1826 setting and events really only served as an excuse to tell the story of 1808 and aren't much of a tale except that Hervey is taken prisoner at the very end of the book. But the writing was excellent and the characters are likeable — at least those who are supposed to be.
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