A Changed Man

by Thomas Hardy
Category: "Fiction - Short Story Collection"
Year of Publication:1913
Date Added:09/17/2008
Date Read:01/10/2015
Notes:Eleven short stories, most having to do with frustrated love. One was about the Duke of Monmouth hiding out in a farmer's house. One weird one was about digging up Roman ruins from a fort.

The best was A Mere Interlude, about a young woman who, on her way to marry an older man, meets a former lover and marries him on a whim, only to see him drown that same day. In shock, she goes through with her marriage to the older man, but guilt brings her in time to tell him the truth. He laughs in return and informs here that he, too, has a secret — he was secretly married once, and has four daughters he want to bring home for her to teach and take care of.
My Rating: 6

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Review - A Changed Man

Some of them seemed a bit unformed — not as if written by a writer of classics, but others were interesting.
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