Ambassador to the Penguins

by Eleanor Mathews
Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:2003
Date Added:09/17/2008
Date Read:06/24/2015
Notes:Subtitle: A Naturalist's Year Aboard a Yankee Whaleship

In 1912, newly married Robert Murphy was given the opportunity to sail on the Daisy, a nearly-obsolete sailing brig. In a diary and letters to his wife Grace, Murphy described life at sea, whaling and the birds and animals he saw during the voyage. Much of the time was spent on South Georgia, where Murphy began to deplore the widespread killing of sea lions and whales. This led him, later in life, to become a conservationist.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for Ambassador to the Penguins

Review - Ambassador to the Penguins

This account of Murphy's voyage was written by his granddaughter. It's interesting and well done, but not really, when all is said and done, much of a story. A guy sails on a ship and hikes about an island. The end.
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