by Bernard Cornwell
Category: "Fiction - Adventure"
Year of Publication:2009
Date Added:04/02/2009
Date Read:05/27/2009
Notes:Set in the early 1400s. An English archer, Nicholas Hook, is declared an outlaw and becomes a mercenary in France. While there, he rescues Melisande, a young French girl, and she follows him. Back in England, he becomes a member of the force of Sir John Cornewaille. They follow King Henry V to France where he intends to exert his right to the throne. The seige of Harfleur takes much longer than intended, and when Henry's depleated army finally meeets the French at Agincourt, it is greatly outnumbered. The English archers turn the tide, causing confusion among the French before they can read the British line and then, when they are out of arrows, attacking with whatever they can find. The character of Hook was everywhere, of course, but he's just a divise to tell the story of the battle.
My Rating: 6

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Review - Agincourt

Although it was interesting to learn about the battle, I would have been better off reading a non-fictional account. Cornwell's writing seems to be getting cruder and more formulaic with each book.
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