Alaska Wilderness

by Robert Marshall
List(s):"Extreme Classics"
Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:1956
Date Added:01/29/2010
Date Read:11/25/2015
Notes:Subtitle: Exploring the Central Brooks Range

During the 1930s, Marshall took four back-packing trips with various companions into the Alaskan wilderness to study tree growth and map previously-unexplored terrain. One of the trips was during the winter. He was the first White man, and perhaps the first person to see many of the rivers, valleys and mountains.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for Alaska Wilderness

Review - Alaska Wilderness

The descriptions of the rivers, valleys and mountains got a bit repetitive after a while, and didn't come close to describing the scenery adequately. The book was best when Marshall was writing about the details of hiking and camping in the wilderness or telling stories about interesting events that happened. Because of the competence of the men, there was little danger except for one time when their boat capsized in a flood. It would have been better if Marshall could have identified the birds he saw.
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