A Roomful of Hovings

by John McPhee
Category: "Literature/Essays"
Year of Publication:1968
Date Added:03/02/2010
Date Read:01/05/2015
Notes:Five essays on people: Thomas P.F. Hoving, the director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York; Euell Gibbons, the wild plant enthusiast; a group of American college students who were sent to Africa in the early 60s as lawyers and bankers for the newly-independent nations; Robert Twynam, the groundskeeper at Wimbeledon; and Temple Fielding, the writer of popular European travel guides during the 50s and 60s.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for A Roomful of Hovings

Review - A Roomful of Hovings

Not as interesting as most of McPhee's books. The subject matter dated it, and I didn't find the people terribly interesting. The essay on Euell Gibbons was the most enjoyable because I've heard of him and it involved a camping trip on which the author and Gibbons ate only food they'd foraged.
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