A Supremely Bad Idea

by Luke Dempsey
Category: "Nature/Science"
Year of Publication:2008
Date Added:07/28/2010
Date Read:04/27/2015
Notes:Subtitle: Three Mad Birders and Their Quest to See It All

The author and a married couple, all birders, travel over the course of three or four years to several birding hot spots around the United States. The book tells more about the people and their adventures than it does about birds.

My Rating: 5

Reviews for A Supremely Bad Idea

Review - A Supremely Bad Idea

I got the distinct impression that I wouldn't like any of these three people. They're knee-jerk liberals who condemn anybody who doesn't feel exactly the way they do on any issue, especially environmental ones, while at the same time, they jet and drive around the country, staying in the motels and eating in the restaurants that are part of the urban sprawl they condemn. While occasionally mildly clever, they are never as funny as they think they are. The book is filled with inside jokes that would only be funny to the three of them, like an often-repeated bit on why the author doesn't like tomatoes. They all claim not to be "listers" — horrors! But they keep track of lifers and talk about how many birds they've seen all through the book. Which means they are listers. Just not good ones.
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