The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion

by Loren D. Estleman
Category: "Fiction - Western"
Year of Publication:2006
Date Added:11/11/2010
Date Read:11/12/2010
Notes:A company of five actors, led by Johnny Vermillion travels around the West performing plays. While the show is going on, one of the actors slips out and robs a nearby bank. A Pinkerton detective figures out what's happening and tracks the company, as do the leaders of an outlaw gang upset because Johnny got to a bank before they could rob it. It all comes to a head in Wichita. Johnny is arrested, but escapes from jail. The outlaws are killed.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion

Review - Adventures of Johnny Vermillion, The

Started out clever but fell flat somehow. The outlaw gang added nothing to the story but took up a lot of space. The ending, which gave no indication of the eventual fate of the major characters was disappointing and seemed very sudden.
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