All Clear

by Connie Willis
Category: "Fiction - S. F./Fantasy"
Year of Publication:2010
Date Added:11/21/2010
Date Read:11/21/2010
Notes:Takes up where Blackout left off. Three time-travelers from 2060 are stuck in London during WWII. They can't get back — they think they've altered events and maybe lost the war. Mike fakes his own death so he can concentrate on sending messages to the future to direct people to save the two girls. Eileen and Polly just try to survive and figure out what's going on. In the future, Colin, who loves Polly, tries desperately to get to 1941 to rescue her. In the end, Mike is killed, Polly is rescued by Colin and Eileen decides to stay in the past to raise two orphan kids she's adopted. It turns out that the alterations they made in the past were the very things that won the war.
My Rating: 8

Reviews for All Clear

Review - All Clear

Great premise, good characters, with some interesting twists. But there was still an awful lot of detail that was hard-slogging in places. I think both books could have been one-third shorter without hurting the plot any. I know Willis was trying to portray what life was like during the Blitz, but enough already.
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