The Absolute Sandman

by Neil Gaiman
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1990
Date Added:07/23/2014
Date Read:11/10/2015
Notes:The first 20 comics in the Sandman series. Sandman is Dream (brother of Death, Desire, Dispair, etc.) who controls dreams. When he can do someone a good deed and give them happy dreams, he does, but sometimes he has to create nightmares. The stories take place in a fantasy world of dreams, some in contemporary times and others in the past. Obscure DC Comics characters feature in some of them. Some stories read like fairy tales and others are horror.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for The Absolute Sandman

Review - Absolute Sandman, The

Kinda twisted. I'm guessing the writer was on some kind of drugs. I found it interesting enough to make it through Volume 1, but not enough to read any more volumes.
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